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When choosing a hardwood flooring the durability of the flooring is important. The hardness rating of wood is based on the Janka scale. The scale is a general guide when comparing species of wood flooring. The results can differ depending where the wood is harvested.

The Janka Hardness Scale rating is the standard for the wood flooring industry in determining whether a given wood is suitable as a flooring material.

The majority of hardwoods and many softwoods are durable enough to withstand normal flooring traffic and use. Regardless of the Janka rating a floor will dent if not cared for properly. An example of this is dents that occur due to dragging or dropping a heavy object on the flooring.



Some examples of the hardwoods used for flooring are white oak, red oak, maple, birch, American Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, White Ash, Santos Mahogany, Wenge, African Sappelle, Bubinga, Purple Heart, Bloodwood, and Bamboo. Some of the latter woods are used as feature strips in borders or combined for medallions and inlays.


Pine flooring is the most commonly used softwood in homes built during the 1800s. Often pine flooring is found in homes built in the 1700 or 1800s. Pine flooring has an antique look and a much softer grain than the hardwoods and is more susceptible to denting and scratching.


The quality of a flooring job is only as good as the flooring which is being installed. This is why when installing a pre-finished floor we install only solid hardwood products.

Installing a solid pre-finished wood floor is a way to forgo the sanding, staining, and finishing process. This is a good alternative for those with allergies or other health-related issues.

Pre-finished hardwood floors have the color and finish already applied in the factory which makes the installation more time consuming as additional care needs to be taken when fitting the boards. One drawback to pre-finished wood flooring is that the flooring is usually produced with beveled edging which can trap dirt and dust.

A properly manufactured solid pre-finished wood floor can be sanded up to 7 –8 times depending on wear.

Some common brands of solid wood flooring are Mercier, Mirage, Bruce, Hawa, and Owens to name a few.


The quality of a flooring job is only as good as the flooring which is being installed. This is why when installing an engineered wood floor we install the products that give the consumer longevity and beauty.

When choosing an engineered hardwood floor it is important to understand the wear layer and the ply of the product you are buying. The more plies, the more stable the flooring. The wear layer is the top section of the engineered floor. The thicker the wear layer then the more sandings you can get out of the flooring. The thinner wear layers you may get no sandings or a few. The number of times an engineered floor can be sanded depends on different factors such as the thickness of the wear layer, and the type of wood.

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed in a factory with layers of wood veneer glued and heat pressed together. Thickness can range from 5/16 inch up to 9/16 inch, having 3-9 layers. The top layer of hardwood veneer thickness can range depending on the manufacturer. The product is either unfinished or pre-finished with either stain color or clear finish. Depending on the thickness, you may get one or more sanding out of an engineered hardwood floor.

Duffy Floors prefers to install 9 ply engineered flooring with the thickest wear layer to provide the customer with the most longevity.

Some common brands of engineered hardwood floors are Mercier, Ashawa Bay, Bruce and Kahrs.


Is compressed sawdust that is glued together. The surface of a laminate floor is a photographed image of a finished hardwood floor. A laminate floor is not a solid wood flooring product and if damaged or worn it becomes a throw-away product. Frank H. Duffy Inc. does not install or service laminate flooring.


The key to enjoying beautiful hardwood flooring is proper care. Proper maintenance is necessary for all hardwood flooring regardless if the product was pre-finished at the factory or finished at the installation site. The no-maintenance hardwood floor does not exist. The maintenance procedures may vary with the type of finish or wax used on the hardwood floors. Preventive is the most important requirement for the long-term performance and natural beauty of your hardwood floor.


Use protective walk-off mats at the exterior doors to help prevent sand and grit from getting onto the floor. Gritty sand is flooring’s worst enemy.

Install felt protectors on the bottom legs of furniture. Protectors will allow chairs to move easily over the floor without scuffing or scratching the hardwood floors. Clean the protectors on a regular basis to remove any grit that may have become embedded in the protector.

When the household carpets are vacuumed, vacuum the hardwood floor with a brush attachment. Sweep on a daily basis or as necessary.

A hardwood floor should never be wet mopped. Excessive water causes wood to expand possibly damaging the flooring. The proper procedure is to use a well wrung out cloth or a Wood Floor Cleaning Kit. Never use cleaning products containing wax on a polyurethane finished floor.

Visit our hardwood maintenance page for more tips and recommended products.


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