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Wax is still commonly used on hardwood floors. Before polyurethane was available waxing was the norm. Some customers still prefer the look of wax on their hardwood floors. Duffy Floors can provide service for those who desire to have their waxed floors revitalized.

The waxing process is an old method used to revitalize existing wood floors that have been waxed previously.

First, the floor is cleaned with steel wool. Then the floor is prepared by removing excess wax with a Renovator and a buffing machine. Wax is then applied to the floor and buffed out with pads to create a low luster sheen.


Polyurethane application is the final step in the wood floor refinishing process. Polyurethane is the top coating that protects your wood floor. It is available in three different sheens: satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.

Polyurethane is typically applied in three consecutive coatings. The polyurethane needs to dry thoroughly between coatings; usually overnight, a longer time is needed if there is high humidity or other conditions which slow the drying process.

We never use sealers or products to speed up the drying time. Lacquer sealers are quick drying, usually within an hour and therefore, have no time to penetrate the wood. The sealer sits on top of the wood and covers rough sanding marks so companies that use sealers do not have to sand the floor as smooth as we do.

At Duffy Floors we sand the floors ending with a 150 grit screen. Our finishes take 8-10 hours to dry. The longer drying time allows a bond to form between the wood and polyurethane. And unlike sealers, any sanding imperfections would show. We go the extra step to ensure a quality job.

Oil-based Polyurethane

Oil Base Polyurethanes are the most frequently used products due to the durability of the finish and cost-effectiveness. The oil-based product also has a natural honey blonde tone which yellows over time. The product requires a long, 8-10 hr or more dry time and has an odor when drying.

Water-Based Polyurethane, Traffic

Water-based polyurethane is chosen by some customers. This product is more expensive than the oil-based product and less durable.

The water-based polyurethane, however, has a less yellowing effect, dries quicker and has fewer odors.

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