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Commonly Asked Wood Floor Questions

1. How much will it cost to have my room sanded and refinished?

The cost to complete a refinishing job can vary based on the size of the room, type of wood and the condition of the floors. Cost is also dependent on the products and process we use to give the customer the desired look. For example, some customers want their floors stained and others want a natural finish and still others want a pickled floor. These name just a few of the options.

2. How long will the refinishing process take?

To complete the sanding and refinishing process for 1-4 average size rooms it typically takes 3 days.

3. Do I have to be out of the house?

No, but you do not have access to the room/s when the finish is drying, 8-10 hours.

4. How much clean-up will there be after my floors are sanded and refinished?

We use dustless sanding equipment. There is minimal dust but there may still be some minor cleanup for the homeowner and touch up of baseboards.

5. When can I put furniture back into my newly refinished room?

The longer you wait the better. The cure time on the finish is 2-3 weeks. After 48 hours you can return furniture. It is advised to always use felt protectors to prevent scratches.

6. Is Duffy Floors competitive in pricing?

Yes, but our pricing may be higher due to the superior quality of materials we use and the higher standards we use in the refinishing process. If the refinishing is done correctly, it takes more time. As with any process the final product is a reflection of the preparation of the wood.

7. Why does your refinishing process take more time than other flooring companies?

Refinishing involve sanding the floors with three different grits of sandpaper then a circular buffing to ensure a smooth surface. We then apply three coatings of oil based polyurethane. Some customers wish to darken the wood in which case we would then apply one coat of stain and two coatings of polyurethane. We do not use quick drying products and give ample dry time between coats.

8. How long will the wood floors finish last?

Your floors can last 10 years or more between total refinishing. You can get this longevity if you keep up with the maintenance of your wood floors.

9. What type of maintenance will my floors require?

Your floors will require sweeping and vacuuming up dirt and cleaning up spills. We do not recommend Murphy’s oil soap, Endust, Mop and Glow or any products that may contain wax.

10. What is buffing and coating of wood floors?

This process involves buffing or screening your floors down and applying a coating of polyurethane. This process is only a surface treatment and will only address the dirt and scratches in the top layer of polyurethane. This means, taking a “buffing” machine, which is similar to a circular sanding machine and using a fine grit screen to “buff” the floors. The fine grit (150) loosens the top surface of the floors helping to remove dirt and superficial scratches. We vacuum the floors and tack rag (remove any fine dust) and then we apply a coating of polyurethane. This process takes about 1 day depending on the size and number of rooms.

11. Can you match the color of my existing wood floors with my new floors?

At Duffy Floors we put down samples for you to choose from. We make every effort to have floors match but inevitably with time even using the same color product there may be a slight difference. We have many stains and dyes we can use to replicate your desired color.

12. I am having new floors installed in my home, how long does the wood flooring need to acclimate before being installed?

Frank H. Duffy Inc. purchases wood flooring from humidity-controlled warehouses.

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