Why are Laminate Floors Considered a Throw Away Product?

What’s the story behind laminate floors?

First and foremost, laminate floors are not wood floors. Laminates are essentially a picture of wood. Laminate boards have a core comprised of a fiberboard with a top layer image of wood. The top image layer is treated with a clear protective coating. Laminate flooring cannot be refinished in any way because it is not wood.

If a laminate floor is heavily damaged, scratched, worn and dull it needs to be replaced in its entirety. Unlike a solid wood floor which can be refinished many times.

Solid wood flooring is the best choice for consumers. Hardwood floors are the green choice, provided to us by nature. A solid wood floor can be repaired if damaged or worn. Often floors simply need a discing and re-coating with polyurethane to bring the shine back. Sometimes wood floors will be refinished using stains and/or polyurethane to bring the vibrancy and beauty back to a home.

Hardwood floors not only bring beauty and style to a home but also value. Real estate brokers capitalize on the hardwood floor feature when showing a home or creating a listing. A home with solid wood floors is more appealing to the home-buyer and may speed up the sale.

Unlike a laminate product, a solid wood floor can last a lifetime and is well worth the investment.