What Is The Dry Time For Wood Floor Finishes?

When Will My Floors Be Dry After Refinishing?

When it comes to sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, one of the key questions customers ask me is “how long does it take for the floors to dry?” Read below for more!

My floors were refinished this morning when can I walk on my floors?

Usually, 24 hours is sufficient time for foot traffic but this is dependent on conditions that could slow the dry time. I tell my customers if after 24 hours the floors are dry to the touch it is safe for foot traffic but tread lightly as the finish is still curing.

What factors affect the dry time of polyurethane?

The dry time of polyurethane is affected by the relative humidity in the air as well as the temperature. Dry time will be slower when the temperatures are hot and humid and when the temperatures dip below 60 degrees. An easy way to combat this is by running the air conditioner or the heat.

When can I put my rug down?

Wait at least 48hours before putting a rug down on your newly refinished wood floors. Be sure the backing material on your rug will not scratch your floor and be careful, rugs with rubber mesh backing can adhere to the wood floor. I recommend wool felt pads.

When can I move my furniture in?

Furniture can usually be placed on your newly refinished wood floors after about 48 hours. Remember, your floors are still curing and are susceptible to dents and scratches. Never drag furniture across your wood floors and always apply wool felt protectors to the bottoms of all your furniture.

I had water base polyurethane applied, is the dry time shorter?

Yes, the dry time for water base polyurethane is about 4-5 hours. (Dry time is always dependent on the temperature and relative humidity)

I had oil base polyurethane applied, is the dry time shorter?

The dry time for oil base polyurethane is longer than water base; after about 8-10 hours. (Dry time is always dependent on the temperature and relative humidity)

What is the cure time for polyurethane?

The cure time according to the manufacturers for oil base polyurethane is 30 days and 2 weeks for water base.

How do I clean my wood floors?

Care for your wood floors by sweeping/vacuuming regularly and cleaning up any spills promptly. Wood floors can be cleaned with Bona Wood Floor cleaner or a damp rag with some mild dish soap and water. Never wet mop your wood floors or you could incur damage.

Can my painter come in now and paint my walls?

Painters may come in after the floors have been refinished but they must be careful not to tape anything to the floors. The adhesive on the tape can remove the finish of the newly coated wood floors before they have fully cured.

How often do I need to refinish my wood floors?

Wood floors that are showing surface scratches can be refreshed with a discing and re-coating of one coat of polyurethane. This may be every couple of years for high traffic areas like kitchens. Wood floors that show signs of the finish wearing off and deep scratches will need a full refinishing. Typically it is about 10-15 years between full sanding and refinishing.