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Dustless Wood Floor Sanding

You may be wondering what dustless floor sanding entails. Dustless floor sanding incorporates the use of a 2 stage vacuum system that is directly attached to the sanding machine. The vacuums eliminate all of the airborne dust and most of the heavy dust created by the sanding machines. There is a minimal amount of dust that is created.

There are different types of dust containment systems. One system is a truck and trailer mounted unit that is very powerful. This system requires a hose to be dragged from the unit into the house either through an open door or window. There are also “in house” units that can be brought into the house and set up in the rooms where the work will be done. These units are much more versatile and adaptable to situations in the city and high rise buildings as well as in inclement weather so doors and windows do not need to be left open.

Frank H. Duffy Inc. uses an “in house” dustless system when sanding and buffing floors. Duffy floors provide free dustless service.


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