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Patching Hardwood Floors

Patching Hardwood Floors

Patching hardwood floors requires some skill to blend seamlessly into the existing wood floor. Pictured you will see how to lace in wood floors to blend naturally. Duffy Floors wood flooring specialists serving the Boston area. Call for more information 781-395-3418

Repair of Hardwood Floors

Patching of hardwood floors is needed after renovation work where there are wall voids or other floor damage. Sometimes hardwood floors require repair work after water damage.
Damaged wood floors must be removed and the floor must be leveled and new boards can be patched in. The final step is to refinish the hardwood floors.


Polyurethane is the protective layering applied to hardwood floors after sanding. Water or oil based polyurethane may be applied to the floor but the choice depends on factors like durability, sheen, odor, color, VOC's, dry time, and of course price.

Water Damage hardwood Floors

Water Damage Hardwood Floors

Your have water damaged wood floors! What steps should you take when repairing water damaged hardwood floors? Frank H. Duffy Inc, Wood Flooring Specialists, teaches you step by step. Duffy Floors repairs and patches water damaged hardwood floors.

Commonly Asked Wood Flooring Quesions

After sanding and refinishing wood floors, how long does it take for my wood floors to dry? This post will answer the most common questions I receive from my customers. Polyurethane dry time. Oil versus water base polyurethane.


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