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Stain Ash Wood Floors Grey

Staining Hardwood Floors. The options are endless.

Staining hardwood floors is an art perfected by Duffy Floors. See how staining ash hardwood floors can change the look.

Laminate Versus Solid Hardwood Floors

Laminate flooring is not hardwood. Laminates are essentially a picture of wood. Choose a solid wood floor.

What's the Difference between Wood Floors: Pre-Finished, Engineered, or Laminate?

Knowing the difference between Laminate, Pre-finished and Engineered wood floors is key! What is a ply? What is Laminate? Why should I install a pre-finished floor? What brand of flooring is best?
Duffy Floors has been in the industry since 1927 and has expertise in all types of wood flooring. Ask the experts! 781-395-3418

How to change the color of Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Make Brazilian Cherry Floors Light or Dark Frank H. Duffy Floors has had success working with Brazilian Cherry Floors. Watch these short videos to see how he gets the red out of Brazilian Cherry Floors.   

Shine Up Your Hardwood Floors with a Quick Buffing and Coating

Hardwood Floors with superficial scratches, wear and tear and loss of luster will benefit from a buffing or screening and a coating of polyurethane. This process is sometimes referred to as a discing and coating.
Wood Floors with deep scratches or stains need a wood floor refinishing.


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