Hardwood Refinishing



Quality refinishing is just as important as choosing the proper hardwood flooring. The end product is a direct reflection of the sanding and refinishing process. That is why at Duffy Floors we take the extra step necessary to guarantee your satisfaction.


Wood floor refinishing starts with sanding the hardwood floors to remove the old finish, stripping the wood of polyurethane, wax, or stain.


The sanding process can remove (1/32”to 1/16”) of the wear layer, stripping the wood of polyurethane, wax, or stain. The floors may look like brand new, upon completion of the entire process.


The refinishing procedure Duffy Floors uses involves sanding the floors with three different grits of sandpaper.


After the preparation is complete we hand sand all the edges and then use a circular buffing machine to ensure a smooth surface.


After the sanding is complete, the floors are vacuumed and tack ragged to remove any superficial dust. Dust is usually minimal, because Duffy uses dustless refinishing equipment in the sanding process. (Lili link to the dustless content on this page)


The final steps in the process will depend on the customer’s preference. The last steps are completed the application of stain and polyurethane. Or if the customer prefers, we simply apply polyurethane.


In some cases we perform more complex procedures to produce the desired outcome. Click here to learn about stains, dyes and color options for your wood floors. 




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