Polyurethane for Wood Floors: Oil vs. Water-Base


Depending on your specific needs, you may choose water or oil base polyurethane when refinishing you wood floors. There are several important factors to consider before choosing one type over the other.


Oil Base Polyurethanes:


  1. Initially, has a strong odor when drying
  2. More durable and last longer; bonds with the wood grain
  3. More economical because the product costs less
  4. Has a natural honey tone
  5. Will yellow over time
  6. longer dry times


Water-base Polyurethane


  1. Lower  odor when drying
  2. Less Durable; raises the wood grain – may need to refinish the job sooner
  3. Product costs more
  4. Keeps wood looking lighter in tone
  5. Less yellowing effect
  6. Dries faster for accessibility




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