Installation of Hardwood Flooring and Particle Board 



When installing hardwood flooring there are many factors to consider. Besides choosing the type of flooring and refinishing process there is other criteria to consider for a quality end product.


Hardwood flooring is installed over the sub-floor which is often plywood or planking. The sub-floor should be level and nails set. Re-nailing of the sub-floor is usually required. In some instances hardwood flooring may be laid over the previous flooring. When installing over another floor things to consider are the heights of other flooring and any cabinetry or appliances that may be disrupted with an elevation in floor height. In most cases any existing flooring is removed prior to new hardwood flooring installation.


In some cases customers are having carpets removed and installing hardwood floors. Often particle board is laid underneath carpeting. In this case the particle board must be removed. Customers often question why hardwood flooring cannot be installed over particle board. Particle board is compressed sawdust and will not hold nails. Particle board swells with any humidity change or if there is any moisture. Through season changes in temperature and humidity you would find that a hardwood floor installed over particle board would be loose, have gaps, squeak, and if exposed to any moisture there would be swelling and buckling of the boards.


Hardwood floors should never be installed over particle board. The end product is only as good as the surface you begin with.




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