Wood Floor Dye



Some customers are looking for a  dark look to their wood floors. One way to achieve this look is to apply a dye in the first step. After the dye is applied oil stain and oil polyurethane are added to the floor boards.


Pictured below are boards in the first step in the dying process.




Matching Colors and Hardwood Floors 



When installing new hardwood floors in a home it is nearly impossible to match the color of a new floor to the existing wood floor with a natural finish. It is possible to make a very close match but due to the aging process of all wood floors from sun exposure and oxidation a  perfect match is nearly impossible.


One way to best match the new and existing hardwood floors is by applying a stain on the floor. This process will better blend new and old  floors to appear more consistent in color tone.

The best advise whenever possible is to sand the new and old floors at the same time and then complete the finishing process, This will give the most even coloring.




Boards in the first step of the dying process

Gray stain on Maple flooring

Midnight Blue stain on Hardwood 

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